Trapped nerve released in one treatment

Testimonial by Anand, Hillingdon

‘I feel really good now’ – Anand, Hillingdon.

Anand had trapped a nerve in his shoulder which was causing an uncomfortable tingling sensation down his arm and into his fingers.

He was also carrying a lot of pain and tension, particularly in his shoulders.

After two treatments the tingling sensation was gone and after three treatments the pain was gone too.

Anand has continued to have treatments to improve his posture and increase his mobility.

Well done Anand 👏🏼


How to get rid of pain in 1hr

Natural Medical Clinic T/A Active Balance can ensure you will feel less pain in only one session. You are not allowed to go leave otherwise.

Practicing acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, cranial sacral therapy, visceral massage and remedial exercises in one session with the intention of getting to the root of your problem, making your pain go away for good.

Most of us know how distracting pain can be. Leading to procrastination, lack of motivation and a downfall in work load, all of which will sacrifice your success. Stop the pain, bring back the health and make wealth easy to reach with a positive mindset.

Many others are reaching out for help. Why not you too?

‘Having Sarah as my therapist is like having the secret potion to maintain my posture and wellbeing. I go to Sarah to alleviate post travel stiffness as soon as I can.’Fuaad Latif

‘Sarah Has stopped me from popping pain killer.’ Hannah Hockin

‘Wow! I never realised that having treatment with Sarah would be so life changing…For the better obviously. I had tendonitis in my right hand and foot, neck problems, stress, headaches and TMJ (Jaw problems) Sarah has been a fantastic help with all.’ Donna Payne

Watch this short clip of Sarah in action at her clinic in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, WD3 3EN.






Will a massage make my pain go away?

Have you ever heard someone say ‘if you are in pain, punch somewhere else and make the pain go away?’ This is what doctors call ‘referred pain.’ The idea is similar to holistic massage, whereby, if for example, your hamstrings are tight they can become suppler with a massage to your lower back; this is because your hamstrings are connected to your pelvis, which joins to your spine and thus relaxing one area helps the other.

To Japanese Medicine Practitioners the spine is the most important part of your skeletal system and, therefore, the back is where we will most commonly massage. If it is necessary to massage other areas of the body, instead of or as well as the back, we will do so in a direct approach as this is going to be more sustainable for the reduction of your symptoms.

Clients have reported reduced abdominal pain e.g. digestive issues after a holistic massage, less tension in their back neck and shoulders and feeling a sense of calmness. There are studies to support the positive effects of a holistic massage on the body’s immune system by stimulating the lymph nodes. It is also said to improve the condition of the body’s largest organ, your skin, by promoting tissue regeneration so reducing scar tissue and stretch marks. Also enhancing circulation by pumping oxygen and nutrients into your tissues and vital organs.

To ensure you feel the most amount of relief from your pain Natural Medical Clinic T/A Active Balance uses a combination of Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Massage in one treatment.

Active Balance practices in Chorleywood with clients travelling from surrounding areas such as Rickmansworth, Watford, Moor Park, Maple Cross and places further afield like Chalfont St Peter, Slough, Luton, London and even Birmingham. Sarah has experience with, and is happy to travel, to treat the disabled and heavily pregnant. Please visit our contact page to make arrangements.



Can Acupuncture cause harm?

Part of every acupuncturist’s theory is to learn the ‘five elements.’ These elements work with what we call the ‘meridian lines’ which in turn govern the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, vessels and skin of the body. The five elements, driven by nature, are: fire, earth, metal, water and wood and give good reason as to why there are no hazardous side effects to an acupuncture treatment, unless there are contraindications to the symptoms you are displaying, which a trained professional should notice, eradicating any harm.

The connection between nature and the body isn’t seen as obviously in the 21st century because of the ‘out of touch’ environment that we have created to function as ‘easily’ as possible using convenience, generally, wherever we can. The holistic part of an acupuncturists role is to take the ‘patients’ symptoms and turn them around, including lifestyle, emotional and physiological advice, changing how the body is adapting to its current climate.It is not uncommon for people to suffer fatigue, constipation, depression, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and much more without giving it any consideration, unaware that they could feel so much lighter, brighter and more energetic if they sought the help they needed.

Acupuncture was originally used, over 2,000 years ago, as prevention. Using the same principles now, as they discovered way back then, it is more often called upon to find a cure, as we are ignoring our bodies first signs that it is in danger. Pain is one of the body’s primary symptoms, which is its unique way of knocking on your body’s front door alerting you that there is damage. Leaving the damage, thinking it will go away on its own without making any effort to find what is causing the initial response, will lead you down the sticky path of ill health and therefore it is important to see a practitioner as soon as your symptom/s arise regardless of your age.

Being comfortable around your practitioner is essential for your own well being. Connecting, trusting and opening up to them, giving them as much information about your case, past and present. As there are many medical acupuncturists around it can feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack but start by asking friends and family who have had positive experiences, look online for good reviews and booking a practitioner once does not mean you have to keep returning to them. If you have had a bad previous experience with a practitioner please take into account that every practitioner has had different training, from different teachers and learning a different syllabus so try, try and try again. As there will be one out there who can suit your needs, giving you answers that can turn your life around.