Celebrate a reason to celebrate

Popcity battle organised by Fiya House a london Street Dance popping crew

Needless to say winter has been different and without events to look forward to, creating a buzz about life events is still important. 

Self and Social. Work, family and friends. 

Take one aspect at a time and think about how you can create a reason to celebrate. Get planning and follow through with your idea!

After spending time thinking about friends, loved ones and work, take time to think about the person behind the driving force, you.

Bringing back the battle life from my birthday last year. Seeing this brings feelings of emotion. Street dance battles, one of the best places to be in London. Expressing the privilege to be part of a space which is liberating. A connectivity through dance ignites a flame to explore internal personal awareness, developing identification of self and skills in confidence. 

Keeping the spirit alive and bringing life to the scene @fiyahouse, I can’t wait to be back jamming with you all. Until then…