Celebrate a reason to celebrate

Popcity battle organised by Fiya House a london Street Dance popping crew

Needless to say winter has been different and without events to look forward to, creating a buzz about life events is still important. 

Self and Social. Work, family and friends. 

Take one aspect at a time and think about how you can create a reason to celebrate. Get planning and follow through with your idea!

After spending time thinking about friends, loved ones and work, take time to think about the person behind the driving force, you.

Bringing back the battle life from my birthday last year. Seeing this brings feelings of emotion. Street dance battles, one of the best places to be in London. Expressing the privilege to be part of a space which is liberating. A connectivity through dance ignites a flame to explore internal personal awareness, developing identification of self and skills in confidence. 

Keeping the spirit alive and bringing life to the scene @fiyahouse, I can’t wait to be back jamming with you all. Until then…


How to have and keep a positive mindset

Street Dance Battle in London

Do you see freedom or fear?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone positively impacts the mind. When you undertake an activity you are not familiar with an increase in adrenaline will surge your body. When you come out of the activity and feel successful with your efforts, you will send feel good chemicals to your brain that make you feel happy.

Undertaking an activity you are not comfortable with takes courage. To have support or feel there is the obligation to undertake a request from a senior at work or friend will assist in you coming outside of your comfort zone. To self-guide your way there takes will-power, but it is a vital ingredient in feeling fulfilled.

To have and keep a positive mindset takes years of exploring the subconscious, picking apart patterns of behaviour, negative traits and undertaking practical tasks to influence your lifestyle. The recipe to success is a continuous journey and balancing act but the knowledge and skills can be easily transferred to you.

This course will take you on a journey through self-discovery and bring you in touch with your feelings. The guide will give you what you need to understand deep rooted emotional issues and the tools to clear the path for a positive mindset.



How acupuncture helps with weight loss

Chinese medicine explains that the spleen, liver, kidney and triple warmer are the main organs linked to obesity. Invigorating the spleen will encourage the removal of dampness and energising the liver, with acupuncture, will assist in the removal of blood stasis, supporting the imbalance of obesity.

Acupuncture decreases fatty acid production, which when left in the blood is thought to raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases by causing insulin resistance. Acupuncture also assists in regulating glucose, controlling the blood sugar levels and reducing risks of diseases like diabetes.

Inflammation is a common problem and is also elevated in obese people, however acupuncture reduces inflammation markers in the body.

Obesity related diseases like atherosclerosis and insulin resistance have pro-inflammatory cells which causes an increase in inflammation.  As obesity is causing further inflammation and inflammation is elevated in obese people, the circle of ill health will continue until the inflammation markers are bought down.

Meeting Sarah has completely changed my life. I am eating things that I have never tried in 55 years. I am losing weight (a bonus) but more importantly my body is healthier now than it has ever been. Sarah is always full of good advice and encouragement. Thank you so much Sarah. – Ruth Evans

The hunger hormone ghrelin is found in the gut, but the function can become impaired, and send incorrect signals to the brain regarding hunger. Six weeks of acupuncture partly restored the physiological function and saw a significant increase in the ghrelin hormone, resulting in a clearer hunger signal bring sent to the brain.  

A new peptide found in the brain, nesfatin-1, regulated the appetite in rodents and this same peptide was found to increase in obese patients. A study of acupuncture for 30 minutes was found to decrease body weight, fat mass, body mass index and waist circumferences.

Acupuncture resulted in a decrease in the hormone, leptin, which is triggered in the brain when the fat stores become low. This indicates that the reduced levels of the hormone leptin in the body, will lower the urge to consume foods high in sugar and fat. In addition, acupuncture influences the endocrine system which subsequently adjusts the absorption and storage of the calorie.

During an acupuncture study there was a decrease of POMC, a polypeptide, which diminished the applicant’s food intake. There was also an increase in energy consumption due to protein activity.  When acupuncture is then performed regularly it will assist in achieving a weight loss goal.  

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Four reasons when you need an acupuncture treatment

  1. You have a pain that has appeared from no where and you want it fixed! A few treatments and you should find yourself in a less fixated place.
  2. Your job requires you to carry out repetitive actions that you can’t change. We work in odd positions, type using our fingers and thumbs and can constantly be on the run.
    If changing your working lifestyle isn’t possible then recurring monthly treatments are for you.
  3. It feels good so why not! Maintain your feel good vibes and think of it as part of your health care package. Come and enjoy a treatment when you want.
  4. You have a birth defect. Let’s face it none of us are perfect and we should all be looking for our own physical and internal balance but sometimes our DNA just needs a little healing help. Depending on how deep you want to go, we can discuss the best plan for you.

Support your immune system from COVID

Supporting your immune system should be paramount, even without Covid in the air. Spending 6 hours with Dr Chen on Elotus studying the immune system, with the particular focus on COVID there was a clear winner for what we could do to protect ourselves against this deadly disease.

There is amble supply of other herbal medicine formulas that a licensed practitioner can supply you with but astragalus is on the market for anyone to buy.

Astragalus promotes T and B cells, non and specific immunity. T cells trigger the macrophages that eat the foreign substances and B cells eat specific infected cells. B cells remember the virus which builds the antibodies.‬

By taking the medicine as a preventative you can be symptom free and target the foreign infection before it infiltrates your lungs, sending the disease deeper and spreading it around the body.

If you know anyone with COVID or you’ve ever had the flu, you know you want to catch this virus before it catches hold of you!

Astragalus to boost your immunity