How does Natural Medical Clinic exist?

As it’s our birthday let’s share our story

There is a lot more in depth information in understanding Japanese medicine. I hope to continue to share stories like this.

Natural Medical Clinic’s birthday is in February and as the founder let’s share a story about how it began.

As a 16 year old girl the ambition was to study martial arts. After finding a sensei who was part of the Bujinkan association, which is connected to Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu Amatsu Tatara we would go along to the dojo to study the martial arts (ninjutsu) 3 x and the medicine once a week.

After a couple of year of doing this, we decided to enrol in the 3 year long course to become an acupuncturist and physical therapist (sekkotsu.)

While studying we were encouraged to practice and this was done so under the name Active Balance.

After five years of successfully running the clinic and qualifying as a Japanese Medicine practitioner the name was changed to Natural Medical Clinic.

17 years later we are still successfully running Natural Medical Clinic and look forward to where this adventure takes us next.


No more arthritis pain and medication with acupuncture

Magda shares her story on how she stopped her medication and getting pain from arthritis

After a few weeks of treatments I stopped medication and I can finally lift my baby without pain.

Hello, my name is Magda and I have suffered from rheumatoid arthtitis for over three years. Two years ago I went to rheumatologist and started medication but after my baby was born I had a masive flare up.

I was breastfeeding so I decided to try acupuncture because I didn’t want to take stronger medicine and poison my body.

Happily my friend recommended Sarah to me and believe me, she is the best. After few weeks of treatments I stopped medication and I can finally lift my baby without pain.

I think acupuncture is worth trying because you lose nothing, but you can gain life in comfort again.


Endometriosis pain gone in 3 treatments

Gosia visits Natural Medical Clinic for help with her symptoms from Endometriosis.

After 3 treatments the painful periods she was experiencing had gone.

Gosia decided to have monthly treatments to keep reducing the inflammation in her body, helping to keep inflammatory conditions like endometriosis at bay.

Being part of a success story like this is so common in Natural Medical Clinic. We aim to keep bringing you video testimonials for you to hear success stories in:


💫Fungal nail


💫 Fertility


💫Frozen shoulder




And many more…

Thank you for sharing your story Gosia.


Trapped nerve released in one treatment

Testimonial by Anand, Hillingdon

‘I feel really good now’ – Anand, Hillingdon.

Anand had trapped a nerve in his shoulder which was causing an uncomfortable tingling sensation down his arm and into his fingers.

He was also carrying a lot of pain and tension, particularly in his shoulders.

After two treatments the tingling sensation was gone and after three treatments the pain was gone too.

Anand has continued to have treatments to improve his posture and increase his mobility.

Well done Anand 👏🏼


Manuka Honey helps clear skin conditions: Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Cellulitis

Medical grade manuka honey to the rescue

Natural Medical Clinic has come across a product that is making a significant difference to skin conditions that sharing the information with you has become inevitable.

The product is honey and in particular manuka honey. Medical grade manuka honey is an anti-bacterial that helps to clear the skin by balancing the PH levels.

This ancient, well studied product was known for the healing of wounds. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory honey was used to prevent infection and combined with cod liver oil treated ulcers, burns, boils and nearly all types of wounds.

Fast toward to the present day, honey has a direct nutrient effect on reducing inflammation and because of the presence of a wide range of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements this natural wonder stimulates tissue regeneration, repairing the skin.

Honey has shown to activate the physiological response for your body to fight infection. The unique physical and chemical properties continues to rapidly suppress inflammation helping more than skin conditions by treating sore throats and tonsillitis time and time again.

Honey is relatively free of adverse effects. Topical application of honey may lead to a stinging sensation because of naked nerve endings coming in contact with acidity of honey. The sensation should subside but if it persists remove the ointment and seek medical advice. Otherwise, honey is described in different forms as soothing, relieving pain and to be non-irritating.

As medical grade manuka honey is sticky the ointment is best applied to a plaster before covering the area. Use the product over night for consecutive nights until your symptoms have eased. If the condition is on your hands or feet cover the area and then put socks or gloves on.

When you discontinue the use of this product your symptoms may arise because you have not addressed the root cause of your condition. If this is the case please seek further advice.

Please continue to share this information with anyone who needs it.

Natural Medical Clinic is a self commissioned business bringing natural medicine to the mainstream by educating, researching and discovering ground breaking studies.

To be part of many people’s journey and successfully assisting in their pregnancy is a dream come true as infertility and wanting to understand natural medicine to make the body fertile was a huge inspiration to stay dedicated on the difficult journey of understanding the body and mind.

Healing personal back pain, ankle injuries, wrist weakness, tennis elbow, period pain, IBS and countless conditions on others the power of natural medicine if fully embedded in many people’s lives.

Join in and be part of the continuing success and discovery of how natural medicine can help you.

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