How does Natural Medical Clinic exist?

As it’s our birthday let’s share our story

There is a lot more in depth information in understanding Japanese medicine. I hope to continue to share stories like this.

Natural Medical Clinic’s birthday is in February and as the founder let’s share a story about how it began.

As a 16 year old girl the ambition was to study martial arts. After finding a sensei who was part of the Bujinkan association, which is connected to Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu Amatsu Tatara we would go along to the dojo to study the martial arts (ninjutsu) 3 x and the medicine once a week.

After a couple of year of doing this, we decided to enrol in the 3 year long course to become an acupuncturist and physical therapist (sekkotsu.)

While studying we were encouraged to practice and this was done so under the name Active Balance.

After five years of successfully running the clinic and qualifying as a Japanese Medicine practitioner the name was changed to Natural Medical Clinic.

17 years later we are still successfully running Natural Medical Clinic and look forward to where this adventure takes us next.


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