How to take care of your health

Congratulations for being here, whichever way you found your way in, you are part of the group that puts health as a priority and that should be celebrated.

Healthcare is a daily requirement and a conscious thought process. You want to think of your health at least once a day and care for your wellbeing. Make a conscious action at least once a day to take part in an activity that benefits your health.


💧Actively drink more water for a month. Record your energy levels and how engaged your body and mind are before and after the challenge.  

🎎 Have an acupuncture treatment once a month.

🍓 Switch to a smoothie twice a week for breakfast.

🌹Take part in Qi Gong once a week.

🕯Daily breathing exercises for two weeks.

Pick an incentive and take control of your healthcare. Mix and match which incentives you want to use to help your healthcare.

There are so many options to improve your energy and impact your workload from ground up. Be wise with the choices you make because your body feeds off the information you provide. If your body does not like the way you are handling your health the effects creep up on you.

As the first choice, choose to take care of your health and you will work out the rest. If all else fails, fall back on the healthcare system but be careful when you must choose medication and surgery because you are heading to the path of side effects.

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