Support your immune system from COVID

Supporting your immune system should be paramount, even without Covid in the air. Spending 6 hours with Dr Chen on Elotus studying the immune system, with the particular focus on COVID there was a clear winner for what we could do to protect ourselves against this deadly disease.

There is amble supply of other herbal medicine formulas that a licensed practitioner can supply you with but astragalus is on the market for anyone to buy.

Astragalus promotes T and B cells, non and specific immunity. T cells trigger the macrophages that eat the foreign substances and B cells eat specific infected cells. B cells remember the virus which builds the antibodies.‬

By taking the medicine as a preventative you can be symptom free and target the foreign infection before it infiltrates your lungs, sending the disease deeper and spreading it around the body.

If you know anyone with COVID or you’ve ever had the flu, you know you want to catch this virus before it catches hold of you!

Astragalus to boost your immunity

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