Enter for the good of your health

Risk assessment at the ready

A huge lifestyle turning point, and there’s been a few, was a change of perspective towards ‘junk’ food. Picture a cottage in the Lake District, a weekend away to walk through the hills, escaping the normality, time to recharge. 

The first stop was to the local supermarket and being over 15 years ago, the only food purchases made were sugary sweets, cakes and processed, pop in the oven type meals. Thus said the weekend of walking and eating junk did not provide the recharge that was desired.

Excessive consumption is at one end of the spectrum and here at Natural Medical Clinic HQ our ethos is all about finding balance in life. We know a little ‘junk’ won’t hurt so why not take it back to when we saw ‘junk’ as a treat. Enjoying it once a week, rather than eating it as a necessity for your taste buds at the end of every meal. Your organs, blood and teeth don’t like it, neither does your energy. 

After that weekend, eating an excessive amount of junk food never happened again. A new life was born, finding ways to increase energy levels arose and along came the self-healing and wellbeing class.

Self-healing takes the stress out of exercise. Flowing movements for a supple body and mindful talk for the wellbeing of your mind, will lead you into a state of pure bliss. An hour of a holistic exercise, covering top to toe mobility and toning.

Please reserve your spot to join on 13th October, 6.30pm-7.30pm at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth. 

Long standing support has encouraged a rebranding of the website, where nifty features will be added along with the opportunity to purchase more time for your treatment. As a loyal member of the Active Balance base, news reaches you first, and alas you can now book the treatment time you want.

Standard treatment for 75 minutes = £60
add 15 minutes = £10
add 30 minutes = £ 20
add 45 minutes = £30

To add further additional time to your treatment please discuss directly with Sarah for pricing.

Taking the correct precautions is paramount and with the correct standards and risk assessments in place Active Balance has earned the Visit Britain’s ‘We’re good to go’ Covid-19 confident badge. Making you feel more secure that you are doing taking the right step towards improving your health.

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