Acupuncture cures pain in knees

A female client who is in her early 50s comes to clinic for acupuncture, physical therapy and massage with a stiff, dull ache in her lower back. Arthritis in both her knees and pain in her left buttock, which is made worse after walking.

As an acupuncturist and physical therapist, checking alarm points, performing muscle tests and observing the body gives an indication of the imbalances, and where the acupuncture should best be positioned to restore balance to the body, giving it relief from its pain.

Once the points have been selected for the acupuncture and the client feels no pain, we let the magic continue and the client is left to relax.

The acupuncture is removed upon re-entering the room where the client is and the physical therapy takes place, paying particular attention to the lower back, knees and left buttock.

Traditional techniques are used to help mobilise the spine, pelvis and feet. Deep tissue massage is given on the lower back, left buttock, both hamstrings and knees.

Balance is restored from the cranium (head) using a physical therapy technique called cranial sacral therapy that helps to move the fluid up and down the spine, relaxing the muscles in the entire body.

After care is given to ensure that the client feels relief from their symptoms when standing and walking around the room. Confirmation from the client that relief is felt means mission complete.

For more information or to book an appointment please visit our website croxleygreenacupuncture.co.uk or call Sarah on 0333 444 0460.





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