Find your passion here

If we want to smash through our goals we must make sure we stay in tip top shape and have an abundance of energy.

Acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and all that goes with Natural Medical Clinic T/A Active Balance is fundamental to maintain your inner balance.

Self-treatment is strongly advised by Active Balance which involves, good diet, positive lifestyle, exercise and meditation.

If you’re wondering about the picture, well, instinctively animals don’t need to be reminded of any of the above, they do it naturally, however, we don’t. Which is why, as a health and fitness advocate, it’s time to encourage, motivate and inspire you to join us.Take the horse, he/she will stretch, run, walk, eat (natural food, of course) and lie whenever it feel it needs to.

We, the most dominate species, favour either our body or our mind and find it difficult to use both at the same time and it seems, find it even harder to jump from one to the other.

Become the master of your mind and body.

Join in with Qi Gong and start to take part in exercise that increases and transports energy.

Become suppler, gain strength and get better balance in your body and mind.

Start something that will fuel your fire. Find your passion with Qi Gong.

Every Tuesday 9.30am-10.30am, just £7

Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, WD3 4HG

Please arrive early to fill in a form.

Call or email for any further questions: sarahactivebalance@gmail.com

07889 224303

With love,


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