Smart Healing – No Antibiotics Needed!

Antibiotics have been a saving grace for many, for a lot of years, until the recent news that bacteria and organisms are becoming resilient to all forms of antibiotic and we are having to act fast to find other ways to kill bacteria.

As antibiotics cannot discriminate between good and bad bacteria it ends up killing both, which is why it is good practice to take probiotics at the same time as antibiotics. That is if you have to take antibiotics at all.

When you feel the benefits of a medicine you more fully understand the ability of that medicine to act in a particular way, which is why I am delighted to tell you that the bacterial throat infection caught after spending 3 nights camping in the cold, wet weather was improved by 40% after 24hrs, 70% better after 48hrs and 100& better after 56hrs using acupuncture and Evergreen Herbal Medicine.

Yaaaaay. No more antibiotics needed. Bye Bye!

After a relaxing session of acupuncture, which helped to clear the phlegm, relax the muscles around the throat and boost the immune system, a course of Herbal ABX and Resolve AI, improvements began.

Taking 8 tablets of each, 3 times a day, (yep, that’s 48 tablets a day!), the energy was lifted and within 1 day the white sports on the back of the throat had practically disappeared. After day 3, optimum health was back.

Natural Medicine is the best!

I feel fantastic and have full confidence in recommending these herbs to you and would urge you to give them a try next time you are unwell, before you automatically go onto a course of antibiotics.




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