How to have a positive outlook?

Hormones such a dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin help us to feel good and are increased by exercise and eating well.

In fact, every time we eat we produce dopamine. When we make the choice to reach for ‘junk’ food, which is food that has no nutritional value to the body and takes more energy to digest than the energy it gains, its our minds we are pleasing. When we succumb to the decision to neglect our body to please the mind we must pay the price.

We have 15 minutes before the effects of the sugar from the junk food wears off. If we have made neurological pathways that our consciousness is unaware of we may reach for more junk to enjoy the high once again. The unfortunate instance about this is that we need more than we had the first time to reach that high state. This is not the case with natural products. We do not need more the next time round to receive the same amount of dopamine from the product.

While what we eat plays a huge factor, life is ultimately made up with an abundance of choices but when it comes to the mind we only have two. To either go down a negative or a positive path.

You must choose to be positive.

How to do this? Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Take away materialistic wealth. Talk to your friends and family about the Good in your day. Talk about the things you have to look forward, what excites you and makes you happy. Find a creative hobby, let yourself go.

Its the people around that are the most inspiring and through conversations had in clinic came the thought process of how we can become engulfed in our own individual life bubble, too scared to reach out for new beginnings and ultimately becoming slaves to our habits. With this thought process the poem below was written. Delivered under the trees in a park in Hertfordshire. Hoping to couple it with music one day.




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