Get Rid of Neck, Shoulder, Muscular Pain and Relax


Two Tennis Balls in a sock…

If you want to improve in your home life, work life or sporting life then you probably want to get hold of two tennis balls and put them inside a long sock.

Such a simple, easy, trick to add into your life which benefits your body and brain immensely by removing tension that the brain hasn’t picked up, until it turns into something more severe like Pain: Back, Shoulder, Knee etc, Digestive Disorders, Brain Fog, Headaches and so many more symptoms and conditions.

To stop any of the above and more place the tennis balls on the occipital muscles in between the head and neck for the optimum of twenty minutes.

When placed on the muscles you allow fresh new blood up to the brain, making you think more clearly and alas elevating your brain fog.

Where the tennis balls are placed in between the head and neck links to the spine, within the spine lie the motor neurons. The motor neurons control the muscle functions of the body. By relaxing with the tennis balls under your head you are in effect sending a signal to start to relax the muscles in the body.

Giving the muscles a chance to rest will start generating new oxygenated blood, making them perform better when you go to use them again.

As all the organs link to the spine, lying on the tennis balls will give the digestive functions a boost and a well deserved rest, soothing any internal dysfunctions you may be presenting.


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